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“Shifting the context of musical expression”

Welcome to the home of Inner Circle Entertainment, the premier producer of Indian Classical Music concerts in South Africa.

Everything we do is aimed at creating surreal experiences, providing an opportunity for the audience to be enchanted by the artist.

Our mission of “shifting the context of musical expression” is ¬†accomplished when artists immerse themselves into their music to satisfy the listeners, and when the listeners acknowledge being transported into a world of musical bliss.

The legendary tabla player Ustad Alla Rakha Khan said, “Whichever art form you study or enjoy and like, then learn it or follow it with a lot of love. If you love something it will love you back, if love is not in your heart it won’t be in your hands or voice.”

It is this love and passion for Indian Classical Music that drives our team at Inner Circle Entertainment to do what we do…..join us for our next experience!

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